Recent Vacation Photos to Disney 3/3.

We also tried to purposely take bad photos while on the trip — from bad situations such as me wearing that kids space hat, to bad photography such as a lot of BAD decisions you see people make with their cameras they don’t know how to use — like using flash in situations that are worthless for it (like during fireworks for example.)

This is just some of them. We didn’t think to start doing this until about half way through the vacation. Next time we go, we want to do it more thoroughly as it can be interestingly tough to act like you have NO taste or skill in taking photos.

All photos Sony NEX-5N + vintage Canon lenses (50mm 1:1.4, 75-200mm 1:4.5) + E-Mount 12mm 1:2.8

  1. lulieart said: If you also took a good version of the same scene for each photo, and posted the pairs up (perhaps with a caption with the main mistake), that’d be really helpful/interesting. Don’t often see insights into the actual picture-taking thought process.
  2. glitchikinns said: Lol and yet these are still better than the photos I take.
  3. dimisfit said: I have a picture with that same terrible/awesome hat, haha!
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