So what have I been up to lately? I’m currently being trained one-on-one for 3Ds Max! A friend of mine at Neoscape [Jerry Chen] is teaching me all of the fundamentals of the program so I can not only someday soon help out at Neo, but also broaden my future artistic opportunities!

I’ve always had a large interest in low-poly 3D modeling for games. However, 3Ds Max was always a little too complex for me to learn via video tutorials or books. The one-on-one training I’ve been getting is invaluable — in just a couple of three hour sessions, I’m well on my way to fully modeling (and eventually lighting and texturing) Maia’s apartment as a first introductory project!

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  5. kid-fantastic said: Very cool! I’m sure adding 3D to your skill set will make you an attractive candidate for studios, especially since you have such a strong sense for environments already. Super jealous you have your own 3D friend/tutor. I want one! :9
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