Wacom Cintiq Companion Teardown! Partially! As far as I know, I’m the first person to show it disassembled.

If there’s one thing you may or may not know about me, I love to tinker with my stuff. Wacom did a really good job with the construction quality of the Companion. It’s practically on the verge of MacBook Pro build quality in terms of feel in your hand and sturdiness. No screws are visible on the device, so I figure they must be under the black rubber feet on the underside. Sure enough after some gentle prying with an old ATM card, the feet popped off and the screws were visible. Only 6 screws hold the case together total, which is impressive in terms of how uncomplicated the device is to open once you know how. Here are some observations:

1) Wacom uses NO glue in the construction of the Companion. The entire machine is attached to the front bezel, not the aluminum back. The front bezel clamps to the back shell by a good number of plastic tabs that can be popped, again, with something like an old credit card.

2) While the aluminum backside is CNC’d largely from a solid block of aluminum, it’s also reinforced with a magnesium underframe.

3) The system memory is sadly soldered to the mainboard. BUT the SSD is user replaceable!

4) The machine has no Warranty Void stickers that you have to break or tamper with.

5) I checked all around the edge of the screen with a bright flashlight. No light leaks = good seal to the glass to protect against dust in my model.

6) If you try this yourself, remember to have the Orientation Lock switch in the right position before reassembling. Also, some of the clasps can require a good amount of force to “click” back in. My advice is to try to click those stubborn ones FIRST. Start with the shorter side bezels, then clasp back together the longer top and bottom ones.

I didn’t bother going any further than taking off the back shell. I saw what I wanted to see :)

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  9. pianof said: on this note, do you know if there is a battery replacement programme for the cintiq companion? I’ve tried looking with no results.
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