I think it’s funny when, every now and then, I receive messages or see comments on various blogs of people accusing me of creating my backgrounds by painting over 3D models.

I’m flattered anyone would even think my backgrounds are that accurate to look 3D modeled. I guarantee you, trace receding orthogonal lines on any of my perspective pieces and you’ll get a cloud of vanishing points and horizon lines. My shit just ain’t that accurate.

Yeah, that’s sorta what I’m talkin’ about. Either I’m a TERRIBLE 3D modeler, or just maybe I wing my perspective.

Usually I’m not a huge fan of remixes — especially ones that make up tracks 12-20 on an otherwise 11 track album. But I have to admit, sometimes there are ones I encounter which just strike me in just all the right ways, or just plain get me to hear the song in a new and even more appreciated light. Here’s a short list of the songs I’ve come to adore because of their reinspired sound.

Gorillaz “Kids With Guns” remixed by Hot Chip
 - Original by Gorillaz: http://youtu.be/VCkFSe3voRc
 - Remix by Hot Chip: http://youtu.be/5k1DdsbYnOk
We all know the original, probably my favorite song from the group, but there’s something about this remix from Hot Chip that just pushes it farther. It’s not radically different, it’s pretty much just severely enhanced. And it works. You can’t help but groove along (even just mentally) at 2:35 and onward.

Asobi Seksu’s “Strawberries” remixed by Ulrich Schnauss
 - Original by Asobi Seksu: http://youtu.be/yJNsKqm1Xqc
 - Remix by Ulrich Schnauss: http://youtu.be/dxonIjq5A2Y
I’m a casual listener to Asobi Seksu. I like their sound, but it isn’t always what I’m in the mood for. I’m a much bigger fan of Ulrich Schnauss, so when I discovered that he released an album of a bunch of remixes he did, this song was among them. And man do I love it. The mixture of her voice with samples of their performance, and his synth pads and similarly shoegaze-esque slectronic sounds makes me REALLY want to hear the two of them collaborate on a whole album, nevermind a remix.

Tron Legacy’s “Fall” remixed by M83 & Big Black Delta
 - Original Movie Score: http://youtu.be/Tzer8ZCW-Ys
 - Remix by M83 & BBD: http://youtu.be/4z58t_-7hO0
The soundtrack was a bulleted highlight of the movie, really. “Impressive Groundbreaking Visuals, Daft Punk Soundtrack.” I’m not actually much of a fan of Daft Punk, hardly ever listen to them, but I did thoroughly enjoy their scores for Legacy. Now, pile that up with M83’s unique vocal experimentations and deeper layered synths found in their latest album “Hurry Up We’re Dreaming,” and you get… well, almost an entirely new song. What I like is that despite being so radically different, the core IMMEDIATELY recognizable sound of the movie is still there — but it feels completely new.

FC Kahuna’s “Hayling” remixed by Super Furry Animals
 - Original by FC Kahuna: http://youtu.be/_WjeWsiujmU
 - Remix by SFA: http://youtu.be/nSoUD0Br_XE
(Unfortunately the remix video for this one doesn’t start at the very beginning, plus the quality isn’t that great, but it’s not a terribly well-known song so I’m not surprised.) I wouldn’t say I like SFA’s remix flatout better than FC Kahuna’s, though. The original is one of my favorite single songs in pretty distant memory. It’s a very simple song, but I enjoy its mood far too much. SFA’s remix is listened to in my library just about as much as the original, I like it’s more upbeat transition with guitars and goofball voice samples. SFA is a very odd band which I love dearly to begin with, so it’s no wonder I enjoy this remix despite its really awkward construction.

Sigur Rós’s Hún Jörð remix by Hassbræður:
 - Original by Sigur Ros: http://youtu.be/1dE564e1uz4
 - Remix by  Hassbræður: http://youtu.be/ScAKSU6TAsY
The original by Sigur Ros is very atmospheric and dramatic. (Especially the ending, god does it get dramatic.) But the remix by Hassbræður has always been the version I play more. I wouldn’t call this one better either — it’s just different, and more my tastes. It has a different feel. It’s still dramatic… but the beat gives it this… less haunting feel, less atmospheric. I like it.

What about you guys? Any remixes you like more than the originals?




because I have nothing better to do besides procrastinate

so I was looking around today and saw a few strange complaints about the movie, most notably being that it “it’s all white people” and “100% crackerlicious crackers” (direct quotes taken from…

Sometimes I feel like the only person who doesn’t give a shit if/how my race is represented in entertainment media. IT’S ENTERTAINMENT. Who cares. …

Wait, am I wrong or was there no complaining about the predominantly all-white cast of “How to Train Your Dragon” as well? Maybe people let that one slide because of how well it represented the dragon minorities.

I’m also reminded of the small uproar of how fat people were portrayed in Wall-E, missing the point that if you exert next to no physical activity every day, and do nothing but consume (especially in an artificial gravity environment,) you’re gonna get massive. I think I missed the part of the movie where all the fat people were being forced to get thin against their will in outer-space concentration camps. (Unless you count being forced to return to Earth as such.)

Now there’s Brave, which features Pixar’s long-overdue first female lead character, BUT let’s overlook that stepping stone and instead try to figure out why there are no black, asian, or latino people in medieval scotland. “I just don’t see how a modern, forward-thinking animation studio could overlook such a crucial detail!” Nothing against minorities, but how forced would it feel to have characters that make no geological sense in this movie? It would feel like those advertisement posters for universities or travel where they took a stock photo of some people and cut/pasted the head of one to be a black person, or even a woman. “She has awfully masculine hands…”

Sure, it CAN be done where the results make sense WHILE representing equality. But not in a story where it just plain wouldn’t make sense to do so. What’s worse? To reflect the cultural differences that do exist in different countries, (that there are MANY parts of the world that are consistent of a majority of one type of race,) or to shroud the work in a blanket of political correctness just for the sake of appeasement? Hahah imagine asking in disgust “Man, what was up with all those asian people in Mulan?”

True though, it is possible for DIsney/Pixar to eventually choose a story/setting that won’t be based on a location of dominantly white race. As my friend Dana put it, “Now that I’m thinking of it, a disney film set in, say, medieval Cordoba Spain, which had jews, Moors, africans, gypsies, celts, and europeans, would be the SHIT.”

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Hahahah everyone in the comments keep saying “Dude OKGO your so dumb, the primary colors are red green and blue, not red yellow and blue, durrhurr.”

Of course had they ever bothered to actually LEARN something, they’d know RGB is additive, while RYB is subtractive.

I don’t usually ever use a facepalm, but I just can’t express how I feel any clearer.


@spiral-shark: Red, yellow, and blue are subtractive colors. You need to add them together to make new colors, but that’s not what the terms additive/subtractive is alluding to. RYB is subtractive because in order to see the color, wavelengths of light must be subtracted to see the color when the light reflects off it. In subtractive, the default starting color is white (subtract to make black,) where in additive, the default starting color is black (add to make white.) …. (Unless you’re talking about when I accidentally said “red yellow and green” in the post, haha. I fixed that as it was a typo.)


Wow, this is really something else. Amazing effects and awesome utilization of the side scrolling.

Okay I have to admit when I started off with it I was a little iffy about it, “alright, some mediocre 3D rendering, panels in a horizontal format, looking pretty much as I’d expect” (I don’t like 3D rendering in comic format :\ BUT kept scrolling along, following allong, kept scrolling) then WHOACRAP MY MIND WAS BLOWN when everything freaking opened up into crazy levels of depth all about evolution —- it felt EXACTLY like one of those cool old educational Disney rides at Epcot. — Except this went a LOT further with the concept than one of those rides would’ve been allowed to do hahahha.

Good find. Surprisingly good find.

If you’re viewing this, USE THE SIDESCROLLING ARROWS — don’t drag it across. You get a MUCH better effect if you scroll smoothly with the arrow.

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tomakiri replied to your post: Follow the link to relive your childhood.

I never had one of “these”. What is that ? It freaked me out when I pressed on it. x’D lol

Hahaha these are wall-mounted door stops. You place one down by the base of the wall (or door, whichever,) so when the door swings open, it hits that little guy instead of the door-knob punching a whole into the wall. This spring-wound variation is used in places where it may be possible that someone would trip on it if it were solid, like in a hallway. If you trip on this one, it just bounces back and forth and makes a fun noise. Any kid who has come across one of these has flicked them just for entertainment.

And that was entirely too thorough of an answer. But I guess that’s what I do. 

I keep all my oldest art in a zip archive to conserve space and protect the files. Today I opened the Orian Vault because I was searching for one particular very old (2002) image in particular. It was the first cityscape-based piece I ever did, and I think it had like.. 4 buildings in it, all drawn digitally, and fully colored in Corel PhotoPaint 8. I couldn’t remember the image clearly in my head, in terms of detail and finish, so I wanted to see it again. Turns out I couldn’t find it, I must have lost it somewhere years ago. (Probably during my Great Hard-Drive Crash of 2006.) I even checked my ancient time-capsule of an Angelfire account, and it wasn’t there. Oh well. I’ll just have it by how I remmeber it, I guess.

Oh, well of course I did come across plenty of other golden oldies in my search. I’ve shown some of my old, old, old work before on DeviantART I believe. (I did sign up to DeviantART in 2003, so everything below here is either from just during that time, or slightly before.)

Hey check it out! The very first-ever drawing of Maia! I vividly remember doing this during my chemistry class instead of listening to Mr. Mombourquet. Way back, when she had blue hair, cornball tattoos, and the most unbelievably straight-legged pants ever sewn. (Complete with sewn-in wrinkles, it seems.)

More Old Art after the break…

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